Since 2000, Dr. Tim Cook has used his technique to balance his patients' bodies and transform their lives. 

Dr. Tim was born in Asheville, North Carolina and raised in Hickory, North Carolina.  He attended chiropractic college at Life University in Atlanta and graduated in 2000


During his time in chiropractic college, Dr. Tim was mentored by many chiropractors who themselves had been students of the legendary healers of their time.  After training with these mentors, Dr. Tim refined what he'd been taught, and developed his own technique.

  • Dr. Tim also has a bachelors of science in nutrition.

  • He is certified in physiological therapeutics

  • Dr. Tim does not just work with spinal injuries. He also works with patients of all types, from pregnant women to small children, and anyone who needs to heal.


  See how Dr. Tim's care has changed his patients' lives. 

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