Since 1982, Dr. Mark Hudson has used his technique to balance his patients' bodies and transform their lives. 

Dr. Mark was born in Indianapolis and raised in Bradenton, Florida.  Before completing chiropractic college at National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, he graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences. 


During his time in chiropractic college, Dr. Mark was mentored by many chiropractors who themselves had been students of the legendary healers of their time.  After training with these mentors, Dr. Mark refined what he'd been taught, and developed his own technique.


  • Dr. Mark has Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma (CCST),  Life Chiropractic College-West, San Lorenzo, California

  • Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP)

  • Fellow, Academy of Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering (FASBE)

  • Graduate, Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology, with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego

  • Acupuncture Certification (CA)

  • Certified in physiological therapeutics

  • Dr. Mark does not just work with spinal injuries. He also works with patients of all types, from pregnant women to small children, and anyone who needs to heal.


  See how Dr. Mark's care has changed his patients' lives. 

"Best chiropractor I've ever been to - Correcting years of misalignment and discomfort.  A great asset in Blue Ridge!"

-Sally L

"Dr.Hudson was very professional. My treatment was very thorough. He treated my symptoms along with the source of my discomfort. I felt a lot better after treatment. I Would definitely recommend his service to anyone that needs the best possible care."

-David B.

"Blue Ridge peeps are SO DARN lucky to have Dr Mark Hudson in town!! We just drove 10 hours to see him and get our much needed adjustments!(and of course enjoy the area for the weekend) Our whole family misses Dr Mark dearly since his relocation. He’s been our families best kept secret to a healthy & active lifestyle for 20+ years ! His knowledge & abilities of healing surpasses our expectations every visit!! He helped completely heal my frozen shoulder with adjustments & an exercise plan, without pain pills or surgery!! He is a miracle worker & is THE BEST in chiropractic care ~ Go meet him if you want in on the secret!!"
-Jill R

"Dr. Hudson is a very kind and compassionate professional.  My wife and I have had neck and back issues for quite some time.  Through tailored exercises and his golden hands treatments, we've been able to stay out of acute trouble and remain functional.  His office is inviting, has state of the art new technology, and is centrally located in town near the Courthouse.  I would highly recommend Dr. Hudson to anyone needing his expertise. You won't regret it. Thank you very much Dr. Hudson. You have our most profound  gratitude and respect."
-Dr Mark E,  DDS, MAGD

"Dr Mark Hudson is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. His knowledge and bedside manner are unsurpassed. I am grateful for the relief he has provided to me over the years. Without him I likely would have had to stop playing my favorite sport due to shoulder pain."

-Melissa L-S, CEO Centerstone

"Dr. Mark is clearly a passionate professional who is extremely talented and knowledgeable about what he does. He takes the time to explain your problems then makes you feel at ease during and after your treatment. He significantly reduced my pain and symptoms. I would highly recommend him to my friends and coworkers. "Simply the Best!"

-Terre R

"I have been going to Dr. Mark for over 25 years. I use to have lower back and neck pain caused by many hours of driving on a weekly basis. Dr. Mark was able to get me back in alignment and educate me on preventive maintenance. He provided me with several different exercise and stretching routines to strengthen the areas that ultimately caused the pain. I now see Dr. Mark a few times a year for regular adjustments. I really enjoy my visits and his diagnosis and treatment skills are second to no one."

-Steve J, CEO KB House of Fitness 

"I was visiting Blue Ridge and managed to have a minor incident that caused a lot of pain. Dr Mark asked questions about my history, talked with me about the best way to proceed, and then proceeded to help me with some of the best chiropractic care I've ever received. He is personable, thorough and very knowledgeable! I highly recommend him!"

-Rebecca M

"Dr Hudson is a true healer, and an excellent chiropractor. After calling a local chiropractor and leaving multiple voicemails and begging for help. I lucked up and found Dr Hudson online and called his office, asking for assistance. Not only did the staff work me in immediately, but displayed great care and concern for my injury. I have never heard back from the other chiropractor after three calls. Dr Hudson worked magic and explained every step of the way, the treatments I received for my painful back issue. I more than highly recommend Dr Hudson, you will definitely be taken care of, and glad you called Relief Care Chiropractic."

-Nancy C

"I've known Dr. Mark Hudson since 1985.  Mark has treated numerous aches and pains.  He administered preventative treatment for carpal tunnel and treated me for a severe whiplash following a car accident in 1996. Twenty odd years later and I have no problems from either. Two weeks ago I developed a painful hip problem. With a few adjustments and exercises for balance, prescribed by Mark, I`m back to normal. Mark is very knowledgeable and his goal is to make you feel better as quickly as possible."
-Cindi Lā€‹ā€‹     

"Mark addresses the whole issue and works to find the root of the pain."

-Mary C

"I have suffered with neck, back and shoulder problems for years and was recommended to Dr. Mark by my medical doctor. I have always been open to chiropractic but I was pleasantly surprised to find a practitioner that actually listens to my concerns and seeks to understand the issues before jumping into a resolution." 

-Melissa B

"Dr. Mark has educated me and has really helped me these past few weeks with my lower back pain. He takes the time to explain things and is very knowledgeable about chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Mark!"

-Cindy W

"Living with neck pain was just a part of my life. My family was tired of hearing me complain and I was tired of being excluded from physical activities with my friends and family. I could no longer enjoy trips with the family or hunting with my friends.  I tried medical doctors and pain pills, physical therapy, acupuncture and massages. Nothing seemed to work and I was desperate for relief. I must admit I was skeptical of chiropractic. but it was the only healing I've experienced."

-Eric B

"I can't say enough about the care and concern I received from Dr. Hudson and his incredible office manager. As an occasional visitor to the area with no affiliation to any doctor whatsoever, I called several local chiropractors and Dr. Hudson was the only one that was willing to fit me in when I could barely walk, in significant pain that came out of nowhere. He not only treated my symptoms, but recommended numerous strengthening exercises to help me avoid a similar incident in the future. It took a few days, but he got me back on my feet and our vacation wasn't a total loss. I would highly recommend Dr. Hudson to anyone who is looking for a doctor that actually listens and genuinely cares what you're going through. And his office manager is a gem!!"

-Ron W

"Went today in a lot of pain. Very efficient on what he does. I was highly satisfied!!!!"

ā€‹-Brook N

"I woke up with a stiff lower back after my first nights sleep on a memory foam mattress topper I installed on the bed. Never having back trouble before I continued on to work stretching as mush as possible with no relief of the stiffness. Being stiff as I was I closely monitored my bending and posture. I slightly kneeled to grab and roll a tree top out of the road but on the way back up a sharp pain locked me up and I hit the ground. Mobility immediately reduced by 90% and I was left doing the 1 inch steps. Dr. Hudson was the only one willing to see me however I didn’t find him until a day later. By this time I was nearly crawling everywhere I mean grabbing walls and rolling off the bed and into the floor and crawl to the nearest wall or dresser to help myself up. Long story short I crawled into Dr. Hudson’s office all bent up and I was able to walk back out. Because of Dr. Hudson and his wife Hazel, I am writing this review two weeks and 4 visits later (due to swelling) with a very minor muscle soreness because my 4th visit was actually today. Mobility is back to 100% and I’m able to live my daily life like normal. Without these treatments I would've had to give up my whole life. At 29 y.o. That is a lot to have to give up over 1 nights sleep on a product from Walmart. Thank you guys for saving my back and my life!"

-Joseph M

"After being in an accident decades ago, I had chronic pain in my neck and upper shoulders and severe migraine headaches most of the time.  I had tried physical therapy and had gotten some relief, but not on a regular basis and got very frustrated. I was asked if I had tried chiropractic for my symptoms and I had not, but I was looking for relief and was willing to try. I was asked to keep an open mind. I'm glad I did."

-Lonnie L

"Dr. Mark worked on my sinus issues,  headache, and tension problem in my shoulder/neck... It was instant relief... Within 2 days of treatment all symptoms were gone... Amazed & Thankful... To get relief naturally was a blessing as the medications I tried were not working."                        -Cheryl J

Dr. Hudson treated me wonderful with truly outstanding kindness and very thoughtful concerning treatment.  Dr. Hudson went out of his way, to spend extensive amount of time to help not only educate me, but to do everything he could to relieve the pain and pressure i been experiencing.   I highly recommend and appreciate the very thorough treatment he provided me.  I wish to highly recommend Dr. Hudson for anyone seeking real concerned treatment for pain due to neck and back issues and injuries... Thank you Dr. Hudson.
-Dan M

"I had a great experience here and with Dr. Hudson. He cares not only about immediate relief for his patients, but also their long term well being. He explained everything in thorough detail so that I could understand what he was doing (I have only been to a chiropractor a couple times in my life). He made my situation feel important and not like he was just trying to get me in and out and collect my money. His practices go above and beyond compared to my past experiences with chiropractors."

-W. C.

"I love "Dr. Mark."  I have tried countless providers over the past 8 years, and I can truly say Dr. Hudson is special.  He is not typical of chiropractors - he is the best by a lot.  I've never even heard of a DC who thought they could be "done."  Dr. Mark is something between a DC and an OT/PT.  He empowers his patients to go beyond what they thought possible - Definitely 5 Star!  If I was disappointed by anything re:Dr. Hudson, it'd be I wish he had an apprentice b/c I don't want his methods to retire with him!  We are lucky to have him in Blue Ridge."

-Joseph M

"Dr. Mark really took the time to explain things that I didn't know about my posture, etc. Looking forward to future appointments."

 -Eric W

"Dr. Mark Hudson is a very professional and caring Chiropractor who takes the time to discuss and educate you regarding your condition and treatment. I would recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain." 

-P. N.

"Highly recommend Dr. Mark. He is very knowledgeable and extremely thorough."


"Dr. Mark was extremely knowledgeable and helpful soon as I came in the office. Filled out paperwork went straight back helped on my back problem explained very well what causes it and how to fix it. Will definitely continue going. If you have back or neck pain I'd highly recommend this place."

-Jeremy K

"Very impressed and highly recommend. I was feeling broken down and hardly wanting to go out due to my pain. After meeting with Doc Hudson and having him treat me in the office, as well as sticking to my home exercise. I'm able to move around freely with no pain. Enjoying everything I do. He's very educational with his treatment explaining everything. If you're looking for the right chiropractor to help you. He's the one."

-Joseph G


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