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Dr. Grant is a licensed and Board-Certified Chiropractor for over 36 years.  He is the current clinic director of Grant Chiropractic, Relief Care Chiropractic, and Blue Ridge Wellness & Massage.  These three business are located all in the same building and offer the community one place to go for their health needs. 

Dr. Grant utilizes several chiropractic techniques.  Dr. Grant's career includes specialized training in 1993 at Kale Clinics in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Working and training with Dr. Michael Kale, an internationally renowned upper cervical chiropractor.  This technique offers a multitude of advantages, as it enables the chiropractor to achieve an optimal positioning for performing adjustments. More importantly, this posture optimizes the biomechanical space available for adjusting the upper-cervical spine. During the correction, you may experience a sensation of movement in the upper spine and possibly hear some sounds, which is a typical and safe occurrence.

The Knee Chest technique in chiropractic care involves the patient assuming a specific position named after their posture before the adjustment. In this technique, the patient kneels on a cushioned surface and places their chest on an adjustment table. The chiropractor then positions the patient's head and neck precisely before performing the adjustment.

A distinctive feature of upper-cervical care, which we implement at Grant Chiropractic, is the emphasis on resting. We incorporate this both before and after each adjustment to better understand your body's response to care. This resting period allows your body to acclimate to the correction before you leave the office. Our goal is to observe various indicators that signify your body's progress towards balance between appointments and following adjustments. These indicators may include equalized leg lengths, improved shoulder alignment, or balanced skin temperature alongside the spine, as measured by an instrumental reading.

His focus is on aligning the spine to facilitate the healing of injured nerves, muscles, and soft tissues exemplifies his dedication to his patients' overall well-being. With over 36 years of dedicated practice, Dr. Grant's experience is a cornerstone of his ability to deliver impactful care.

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Dr. Kenneth Holewinski: Enhancing Lives Through Chiropractic Care

Dr. Kenneth Holewinski (affectionately called Dr. Ken)  chiropractic career spans over 39 years and has gained extensive experience and expertise in his field.  His dedication to improving the health and well-being of his patients has left a lasting impact on the field of chiropractic.


One of the hallmarks of Dr. Holewinski's approach is his proficiency in the Pierce-Stillwagon technique. This specialized technique, which combines a blend of historical chiropractic principles with a simplified and logical procedure, focuses on the correction of vertebral subluxation complex. Developed by Dr. Glenn Stillwagon and Dr. Vern Pierce in 1963, the technique employs a distinctive table with drop-assist pelvic and cervical pads to facilitate realignment of the spine and pelvis.

At the heart of Dr. Holewinski's practice lies a commitment to enhancing functionality and quality of life. He possesses an innate ability to establish a genuine connection with his patients, nurturing an environment of trust and empathy. He not not only works toward alleviating pain and discomfort but also works toward improving their overall quality of life. 

Retiring from his Atlanta practice did not end his chiropractic journey; rather, it marked the beginning of a new phase in his mission to enhance the well-being of others, as he continues his practice at Grant Chiropractic in Blue Ridge.


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